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This album of pictures is a work that has just begun. Eventually, you'll be able to get information on each costume by clicking on it's image. For now, go to the Costume Rentals page to view information on individual costumes. At the moment we have only about 600 pictures for the thousands of costumes in our inventory. Thank you for your patience.
BUNNY 2579 ****
BUNNY 2510 ***
BUNNY 2520 **
BUNNY 2545 ***
BUNNY 2546**
BUNNY 2547 **
BUNNY 2550 **
BUNNY 2560 **
BUNNY 2570 **
BUNNY 2575 ***
BUNNIES 2535-9***
BUNNY 2502**
BUNNY 2540*
BUNNY 2541*
BUNNY 2562
BUNNY 2565*
Bunny rentals come with Macot Head, Body Suit, Mitts and Shoe Spats.

Rentals run $100 for super dlx hard head and $75 for dlx hard head(*), $65.00 hard head mascots (**) and $55.00 for soft head mascots (***) and $45 for open faced mascot (****)
for the length of the rental period.

The rental period is:  Pick up the day before the event and return the day after the event.
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